Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Sarah Beats 'em Again

She's Crazy!

Sarah Palin is crazy, like a fox! Early last week I wrote Governor Palin to tell her that I am not a Republican, did not vote for John McCain, but voted for her. I went on to ask her to represent voters like myself and to form a new party.... The New Party. Several days later I was gratified to hear her resignation as Governor of Alaska. Both the Democrats and Republicans are terrified of her, her popularity, her connection with the voter. But more than that they are terrified of her lack of respect for the powers that be.

She Has No Respect!

Sarah Palin knows how these people in positions of power feel about her, she saw it during McCain's run for the Presidency. In preparation for her Biden Debate, the McCain Team actually steered her away from help in attacking Obama! This was ludicrous! Who did they think McCain was running against? Joe Biden? Even at the risk of losing the election, some in the Republican hierarchy were so frightened of her they thought nothing of the potential total loss their utterings might bring about. What could scare them so? Sarah Palin's sense of morality? Her ideas of right and wrong? Or was it, to borrow a phrase from Obama, her clinging to her guns and religion? Both the Democrats and the newly amoral Republicans are afraid of her positions on energy, climate, and America's place in this world. They are afraid of her position on abortion. They are afraid of her family values. They are afraid, above all, of her loyalty to the common man and woman. Or is it her potential to cut her own party, to hurt even fellow Republicans, if principles were put on the chopping block, as they were in Wasilla? As they were in Juneau.

She Confounds!

By stepping down Sarah confounds these detractors. It is without question that her opponents understand her appeal, and see in her something they certainly should fear. As she defeated similar interests in Alaska, first as Mayor and then as Governor, she was on track to present troubles downstream. Sarah could spend the next year gaining national attention, Governorship presents immediate access to the media, and slowly build her case for a run in 2012 appealing to whats left of the true Americans, Conservatives of every stripe, Conservative family values, fiscal Conservatives, international Conservatives. People that do believe that there truly exists good and evil, right and wrong, moral and immoral. These true Americans live all over this country, but are more and more turned-off by the morality of the huge coastal cities.

Upon returning to Alaska she quickly discovered there were people after her. Law suits and false charges were to keep her cornered and bottled-up for the duration of her term in office. By the time Sarah's term had expired they would have drained her of energy, money and would have succeeded in turning her into damaged goods. But now they are left without a handle. How to get hold of her now?


She is not a quitter any more than the hunter that changes positions in order to remain the hunter..... so as not to become the hunted... is a quitter. Sarah's gun is loaded for bear, Alaskan Style. Washington.... she's coming for you.

True Grit!

Sarah Palin is the quintessential American with true grit. Sarah Palin is smart, Sarah Palin is an American to be proud of, she is an American to support as she confounds the nattering nabobs.

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  1. Is this satire?
    Surely you don't believe a woman who doesn't read, whines, blames, makes excuses, has markedly narcissistic tendencies - is a political fox? Is that really all you think it takes? A couple of "ah schucks" moments, the ability to shoot a gun or pull up nets.......and you think she should be the ruler of the universe?
    We just had that guy running the show......and all he did was embarrass us in front of the world, screw with the constitution, run up national debt, engage us in a couple of wars.......

    hoping this is satire