Thursday, September 16, 2010

Melting Down

We are witnessing historic American Political times. The 1st non-white President. The 1st American President attempting to mollify long-time historic enemies (since the Jefferson Presidency) with bows and American deprecation. The most serious economy crises since the Great Depression. And now the first major breakdown of one of our major parties.

Founded in 1854, when The Whig Party lost touch with the American public and the Democrats continued to support slavery, the GOP is at it's end. Are we seeing the demise of a party that too has lost contact with its prime supporters? The Republican Party, for some time, and especially so since the Bush 41 administration, has steadily drifted to the left and has finally joined-up with the Elite Power Structure, the Political-Media /Government-Union Complex. The Complex, consisting of - starting at the bottom, SEIU (and all big unions), ACORN, Government employees, the Mainstream Media (including it's propaganda arm - Hollywood) and at the very top Elected Officials (both Dem and GOP), is our ruling class.

All of these folks have become fat and happy living off the wealth of America, created largely since the end of WWII. Today, Union and Government employees earn incomes nearly double that of the "civilian" population, enjoy broad job security and generous early retirements. They are our Greece! Those that pay for these excesses have finally had it. That 15% of the population living below the poverty line, have decided that they'll not take it anymore either. 

All the moves coming out of Washington, for decades, have steadily increased the cost of living, made life more difficult, more complex; have created the fallout of the Nanny State; have created the Entitlement Mentality.... well known in Europe, newer to our shores.

And the trend may well have continued until, like the frog immersed for cooking in a cool pot of water, when finally feeling the heat discovers he's too "cooked" to jump free, the U.S. was so deep in the paradigm it was all but too late to climb-out. But then Candidate and then President, Mr. Obama promised Fundamental Change. Little did he, or The Complex, imagine the story now unfolding. 

The Change is less "Change You Can Believe In" and more; Obama, The Agent of Change. Change is happening, and the off-hand remark of Rick Santelli on CNBC, that recent outrageous government actions begged for "a new (Boston) Tea Party," was Change the public really did believe in!  Rick, you got one. The Ruling Class is on the run, Change is a comin', but it ain't Obama style and it ain't Establishment style.

Below is a picture of just a tiny corner of the coming meltdown.....

Cheers, Mel

Is Karl Rove the Architect of His Own Political Demise?
Power Elites have been exposed as never before, the Far Left came out of the closet like defiant gay extroverts, and RINOs are stampeding
By Jim O'Neill on Thursday for CFP; September 16, 2010
Last night I watched Karl Rove drive the final nails into his political coffin, as he double-downed his attacks against Christine O’Donnell, on Greta Van Susteren’s show “On The Record
.”  It may be awhile before the “funeral” takes place, but the coffin is finished, no doubt.
The night before I had watched as Rove began his public self-immolation, on The Sean Hannity Show.  Hannity, to his credit, defended O’Donnell against Rove’s surprising (to me, at least) and graceless attack, after her win against Power Elite insider, Mike Castle, in the Delaware Republican primary.  (Link)
(Kudos to Sean Hannity for standing up to Rove, however, I hope he won’t mind a bit of friendly advice: lose the UN-blue power tie.  It’s a bit of sartorial style that was first popularized by “the anointed one” himself, Obama—besides, well…it’s UN-blue).  (Link)
Response to Rove’s rant by true conservatives was immediate
, and almost unanimously, negative.
Rush Limbaugh said
, ““Everyone I know that saw this was just—they were perplexed and said, ‘What’s going on?”
Michelle Malkin noted
that, “Rove came across as an effete sore loser instead of the supposedly brilliant and grounded GOP strategist that he’s supposed to be.”
Last night when Van Susteren had Rove on her show, I fully expected to see some fancy damage-control back-pedaling.  Nope. 
Figuratively speaking, Rove took out hammer and nails, and went about sealing his political coffin, with a will.  If you’ll permit me to mix metaphors, his aim was unerring, when it came to shooting himself in the foot.  His performance was stunningly tone deaf, arrogant, and elitist. 
When Greta responded to some derogatory comments about O’Donnell’s student loans, by saying that perhaps a lot of people, in this economy, could relate to her troubles, Rove failed to take the hint, and carried on with his tirade.
Has Rove never heard the old saying “When you find yourself in a hole, stop digging?”  Apparently not. 
There’s one thing “we the people” can thank Obama for—a lot of previously well-disguised “wolves in sheep’s clothing,” have been shown for who they are.  The Lame Stream Media has been irredeemably discredited as a source of unbiased news, Power Elites have been exposed as never before, the Far Left came out of the closet like defiant gay extroverts, and RINOs are stampeding. 
All of which is, in its way, good news for “we the people,” as it has given us a much clearer view of the “lay of the land.”  It may be an unsettling view, but as we wake up and get our bearings, it’s a much needed view, nonetheless. 
The Republicans have strayed too far away from their conservative roots, and the Democrats have wandered off to…only God and George Soros
know where—Lenin Land, or another planet, it would seem.             
As for Karl Rove
—he’ll be moving on to greener pastures, with the rest of the RINO herd.  Well, maybe the pastures won’t be greener, but he and the herd will definitely be moving on.

Laus Deo.