Monday, April 27, 2009

Obama's First 100 Days

100 Days, and counting….

“Mel, in regard to President Obama’s first 100 days, isn’t there anything you agree with?”

The short answer is no. The full answer is here:

- No, I do not agree with "transparency" of Top Secret documents during an ongoing war.
- No, I do not think it is smart to attack the previous administration‘s conduct safeguarding the U.S. in the middle of a war. Following 9/11, we all wanted to do what was required to restore safety to our country. Attacking the preceding administration sets a dangerous precedent. Show Trials were reserved for the Soviets in the 1950s! We watched them with amazement and amusement; now we'll watch them tear apart America.
- No, I do not agree with the greatest spending spree civilization has ever seen: .
- No, I do not believe the Feds should run the car companies -- even arrogantly appointing a "Car Czar" that knows nothing more about cars than that they should have a comfortable rear seat -- nor the Banks, nor the Brokerages, nor the Newspapers. If these outfits can't make it under the rules of capitalism let them fail. If they are "saved" their saving will be the destruction of their honest competition.
- No, the president should not aid the Unions -- Unions broke the railroads, then the steel mills, next the airlines, and now the auto industry, and along the way most of the rest of the industrial base of America, our bed-rock bottom line strength. The real story behind out-sourcing is an attempt of American industry to remain competitive and that means finding cheap labor. And now the unions have a stranglehold on State and Federal Government! France!
- No, the President should not bail-out the thieving bankers and stock brokerages, and struggling auto makers, newspapers or any other individual business. These companies should be allowed go bankrupt and not be refinanced by higher taxes, high inflation, and devaluation of our hard earned money!
- No, I do not believe that it is Obama's job to go around the world proclaiming what a terrible place America is and to apologise .... to our detractors! Who then, behind his back, laugh! The President represents Americans… his job is to Protect and Defend Americans.
- No, I am not in favor of ratcheting-up yet another war. Afghanistan this time. Afghanistan is not Iraq. Iraq at least had a central government and an organized society, more easily conquerable. Afghanistan is a piece of the earth more accurately defined by the borders of the countries that abut it than by it's own sense of self. The President of Afghanistan is no more than the mayor of Kabul, the only "city" there and whose limits define the ends of civilization. History in replete with the bones of those who have attempted to conquer Afghanistan, from Alexander the Great in AD 320's to the Russians who pulled-out, defeated, in AD 1989. That is precisely why Afghanistan is called "The Land of Bones." And now it will be our young men's and women's bones. This foray sounds just like Kennedy's into Vietnam. ....just 5000 advisers.... we all know what happened there. I'll predict right now... this is going to be the Democrats undoing. Afghanistan.


The no-nothings are in charge and will remain so ... even if we go bankrupt or succumb to totalitarian government. Here is why: take a look at Obama's supporters and you will see that his popularity is due solely to three things, none of which I consider qualifications for Presidency: his speaking style, his color and his appeal to base populist sentiment. This last is dangerous. Those pitchforks Obama threatened the financial/banking/brokerage industry with several weeks ago spring from populist rule. His popularity will remain in the 55% range for a very long time. Take a look at these numbers, they all add-up to a solid block of Demobamas: Hardcore Democrats = 35%, Jews = 1.5%, Muslims = 2%, Blacks = 12%, Hispanics 15%. This voting block represents more than 65% of the total vote. All Obama needs is 80% of these to maintain a plus popularity. By the way I'm not even counting the no-nothing youngsters that have the right to vote, nor the ACORN enrolled illiterate and dead, nor the 40+ million Hispanic family members that are waiting to flood into America once the existing 12 - 20 million illegals are granted citizenship.

Worry. Be very very worried.

My biggest three are inflation and devaluation, taxes, and loss of freedom, which will turn us into a much poorer nation. Print and pass-out $3,600,000,000,000.00 dollars and guess what... each one isn't going to be worth much. As the economy rebounds inflation is going to go nuts. The cost of everything will explode. The USA will owe most of those still wet new 3.6 trillion bucks to foreign governments like the Chinese and Japanese. Here’s our debt now, unbelievable: . The Obama administration hopes to use this devalued inflated money to retire this crazy debt. Will the Chinese go along? I think they will take those dollars and use them to buy and stockpile natural resources. I'm betting on commodities!