Thursday, July 2, 2009

Is South America Moving North?

In 2006 41% and in 2008 49% of the households in America paid no Federal Income Taxes. In 2009 that number will exceed 50%! Think about that for a minute. It means that the rest of us are each paying for one additional household - one beyond our own. The way we are going... fees of every kind and a coming national sales tax that will collect money from virtually every aspect of life..... the States and the Feds will rely less and less on Income Taxes and will concentrate those taxes on those whom Obama pointed-out during his run for office..... those earning over $250 thousand a year. That's an important fact: The 'new' majority electorate will increasingly receive cash entitlements and will therefore continue to vote for the Democrats, leaving the other party with ever fewer voters. I say 'new' because this represents a new class of voter.... the class that pay no income taxes, mostly ardent supporters of Mr. Obama; the new majority voter.

If you've been following what has happened in Honduras you will realize why the above is so important. There, President Zelaya, a close 'friend' of Venezuela's President Chavez, attempted to alter the Honduran Constitutional provision that restricts Presidents to a single term. This was in order to get himself in a position to be elected President for Life. To do this he would have had to call for a Constitutional Convention and have a super majority agree to the alteration, a process that probably would have failed. By the way, this is similar to the method our own Constitution calls for in order to alter it or any of its Amendments.

Zelaya decided to do an 'end run' by having his supporters, a majority of the popular vote, cast a direct vote to alter or amend the Constitution. Since he currently has a situation similar to ours, in that he has a large body of disaffected and under privileged supporters he could probably, with little massaging, get the plurality he'd need to declare himself eligible for another term. This is similar to the move Chavez made. As a matter of fact, when Zelaya announced his intentions, they were met with resistance and he couldn't get the necessary ballots printed locally. Guess what? He was supplied with all the ballots he needed by Chavez! When he was arrested for attempting to subvert the Constitution, those ballots were confiscated by the army and he was escorted to the airport.

I thought it was wonderful that Zelaya failed in this bold move to seize more power and to mimic his prime supporter Chavez. I was dismayed when Mr. Obama apologized for America to the Europeans. I blanched when Mr. Obama bowed-down to the Saudi King. I was left speechless when he failed to condemn the Iraqis for the bloody response to a peaceful "soft" revolution there. I became frightened when Mr. Obama and Mrs. Clinton voiced support for Zelaya and urged his return to power! I fear that once Acorn has completely morphed into an official Federal Agency (it is already nearly totally funded by the Feds, to the tune of Billions), with its name changed into something akin to FDR's WPA (The Works Progress Administration was the largest New Deal agency, employing millions of people and affecting almost every locality in the United States), and dressed-up as a way for people to "serve" their country and in return receive a support entitlement, plus a sweetener like a free year of higher education for each year "served," Obama would have the cadre he'd need to attempt what Zelaya has failed at. All just paranoid musings? Let's hope so.

These be interesting times, Yikes!!

Cheers, Mel

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  1. interesting interpretation of the tax base in America.... me thinks you belong to the wealthy investor here's a fact check on who pays taxes......