Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Our MONEY is at stake....

M O N E Y, our money, every country's money, has a reason behind its value: some (were) backed with gold, other's - oil (and every manner of natural resources), still others the value of their labor, or their geography, etc. Since America left the gold standard our money's value has been based on a couple of things, amongst them are the wealth of our natural resources: now depleting; our political stability: now polarizing; military strength: waning; the educational level of its citizens: dumbing-down; and perhaps the most important when combined with that list is the value of American's  industriousness: now being stifled .... by our own government!  

The value of and therefore the purchasing power of the US dollar has, in the past decade, severely diminished - - all the while the country's foreign debt has grown dramatically. Just compare the purchasing-power of the American dollar to the NZ - DOUBLED, the Australian - DOUBLED, and the Canadian - UP 50%! American Illiteracy is deepening as the rest of the world's increases. Cultural icons, the American cultural touchstones, are being systematically destroyed, the traditional family exists in fewer and fewer homes; the church is on the way out. 

The "profit" of an economy is, just as in a business, at the margins. By that I mean profits come at the end of efficient business practice; in a nation-wide economy that comes when there is effectively full-employment. A Big Government taking of an ever bigger slice of whatever success remains and giving it to non-producers is a recipe for a continuing downward slide!

If these events continue on the course now carved-out, our wealth, yours and mine, will not be enough to keep us from poverty. it is imperative that our money continue to have value, since we are not rich enough to have "a diversified portfolio," i.e. our own off-shore bank as do the truly rich; they'll be rich regardless. 

We need a businessman, in particular one that is a turnaround specialist as CEO - President, to restore value to our dollar. You've heard the adage: "Voters always vote their pocketbooks." Now that so many are in the pocket of the government either via employment or entitlement, and since we have been politically identified and segregated by the world's greatest community organizer, many voters will vote for more government entitlement - regardless of the final effect on our financial worth; like eating the goose that lays those shiny eggs. 

This election is truly about choosing sides. I'm on the side of those values that made my country, -- going back to the boats -- successful. 

What side are you on? Deciding to change the character, values and fundamental ethical positions of a country is dangerous. Like war plans; once the plan gets underway one can toss out the plan..... things don't necessarily work out the way one might wish. Ask Adolf, Hirohito, and Napoleon. 

We are in trouble when so many simply want their fellow citizens' stuff! Next thing you know they'll want their heads too!

Cheers, Mel