Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Greatest Hoax On Earth...EVER!

If, after reading this link,  you have any faith left in science, you are the personification of the "cockeyed optimist!" "EXPOSED" is what the headline of the New York Times should read, but strangely, it's quiet on this hugely important story. The entire world's wealth hinges on what governments do in regard to "carbon footprint," "Cap and Trade," oil exploration, electricity development and distribution, food production, jobs and ultimately world prosperity.

Shoot the Messenger, Control the World!

Instead, to the Times and others, it's: Shoot The Messenger! This, after Global Warming is exposed as a gigantic, perhaps the world's greatest, hoax! It's a HOAX, but Obama and company will push further in a headlong rush to destroy all that makes America, America! This crew and their minions are not interested in the fable of "alternative energy," they want NO energy. They talk about "Clean Coal," an oxymoron. They talk about wind and solar energy, terribly inefficient. What they are after is the total CONTROL of all energy. Control of energy is the ultimate control of humanity. The weather, or Climate Change, or Global Warming, has been the fear tool used thus far. If you are in the camp that wants to live in the TV Series, "The Prisoner," or the English movie, "Brazil," or Orwell's "1984" or "Animal Farm," stop reading.

Prosperity Now!

What the USA should be doing right now is seeking prosperity. Forget the rest of the world because when the USA is prosperous, the rest of the world is prosperous too. Instead, our dear leaders are offering tax increases upon the country's very job creation engine: small business! Instead our dear leaders are hiring bureaucrats to regulate (sort of, like they did the Banks? or the Insurance Companies? or Wall Street?) or should I say to sit and knit, take home a check and look to purchase a new car with taxpayers money or buy a house with taxpayers money?

Not one of these government jobs, "saved or created," produces a single widget. No economic multiplier effect, unless the laws of physics have been part of the "Change" in Washington D.C.

It's EASY!

There is an easy way to get the engine of prosperity chugging again. I'll get to that, but first a little history. What made America great was: 1) a vast country of what appeared to be unlimited energy resources, and 2) a population free to exploit it. It's that simple. Two World Wars quickly depleted America's easy to get oil, converting that vital resource into freedom for Asia and Europe, but still America  moved forward because we were still far richer in these vital resources than all the other developed nations.

Energy = Wealth

As oil's cost increased, America's wealth waned. When oil reached nearly $150 a barrel last year, the US economy ground to a near halt. The world's engine of prosperity was literally choked-off. Greedy fraudsters,  selling bogus nonsensical products like "Carbon Offsets," aided and abetted by government "leaders," and a fraudulent scientific community, contributed mightily to the near demise of the greatest economy, while personally obtaining grants, some getting rich, others false fame, with little or no regard for the greater good.

Vast energy is still within our reach, as is full employment. Here's what we can do right now: 1) Instead of programs like "Cash for Clunkers," that actually exacerbate our problems, the government should offer tax credits for motor vehicle conversions to allow cars and trucks to run on compressed natural gas (CNG). America has huge natural gas reserves, often compared to the oil reserves of Saudi Arabia. 2) Build 1000 pocket-sized nuclear power plants.... in everyones backyard. Want electricity? Live with a nuclear power plant! This would apply to the Kennedy's and Bill Koch. This simple axiom has worked well for the French where 75% of electrical production comes from nuclear fission.

Jobs right NOW!

Imagine the jobs created by these two "programs!" Millions of good high-tech jobs, that not only employ men and women right now, but jobs that create infrastructure that goes on paying back for generations. America, once again, would lead the world to greater prosperity. The cost of oil would plummet; The use of electric vehicles would soar on the fuel of cheap electricity; CNG and electric "fill-up" stations in every business and home garage. The most expensive part of this energy distribution system is already, literally, in the ground. Every home and business has electricity and millions of home and businesses have natural gas lines.

Time will run-out....

It's long past time to get off the dime and get moving toward growth and prosperity again. This should be done before America falls further into the stultifying slumber of our forefathers homeland: England. Here's the other bright-side to this equation: Laurie David, the The Satchsquatch of Carbon Foot Print, could, without guilt, enjoy her 26 foot long bar-b-que and her 24,000 square foot house on Martha's Vineyard. She would also be free of the title: Hypocrite Queen.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Tempus Fugit

This year I've experienced a couple of firsts having to do with my age: 

On the 4th of July, while at a large birthday party, I had occasion to look around and notice that there wasn't another soul in the room my age. The closest was Rebecca; born in 1943, she is nearly 3 years younger. I was, by at least - not counting Rebecca - a half decade or more older than the next oldest person present. 

A couple days ago, I had need for some advice from an Apple Store tech regarding my computer. Having no appointment, I went to the "Genius Bar" and awaited my turn in line with the others that had no appointment. Soon it was my turn next. But just as I was about to be called an attractive young lady stepped in front of me - to the front of the line. I (gently) tapped her on the shoulder and mentioned that we - I and all those behind me - were waiting our turn in line and that I was next! "Well." she said, "I have an 11:15 appointment, and it's 11:15 now. Do you have an appointment?" Well no I stammered, and dropped the subject. A moment later the techie behind the bar motioned to the next in line, where upon the young woman stepped-up with, "I have an 11:15 appointment." The techie, a young man, perhaps 35, looked at her with a smile and then, much to my surprise, said, "Do you mind if I take this gentleman next? After all age before beauty." I was floored.

While walking Skipper this morning, a fellow, perhaps in his late forties, riding a golf cart slowed to a stop in front of us and said, "There's no sight more serene than watching an old man walk his dog in the morning."

I'm going to have to turn on some bright lights and take a closer look in the mirror, because, really, I don't see that old guy!

Cheers, Mel

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Love Lost

An open Dear John Letter to Levi-Strauss, an old love affair.

Dear John, (oh I know your real name is Levi-Strauss 501 but bear with me) there's someone new in my life. I have loved you since I was a small boy. I have never cheated on you, never dated another, never gone without many of your clones in my closet. I love'd you. When I was a kid I'd pick you up at the store, take you home, get together with you (at first you were as stiff as a board and really blue) - but we, together, would climb into my hot-tub of soapy water and get to really know one another. In that tub we'd get to know one another is such intimate ways that I knew you would always be MINE!  

The first time you disappointed me was when I discovered that you had changed your name! Well, not really your name, but the way you signed it, and your stationary was no longer... leather..... but cardboard?! What a loss! But I adapted, I toughed it out and we stayed together. Actually I loved your pre-washed/preshrunk idea and took you home too. Recently, in need of yet another dose of your particular brand of love, I headed off for the Mall. 

What a disappointment! You are, finally and definitely, no longer you! 501s are no longer 501s, you've changed -- again! First I noticed that you are weird looking. Your warp or weave or something, gave your look a "vertical" line running through you. Next your basic fabric seemed, oh, I don't know, maybe I could describe it as "weak." I went ahead though and took you home again - the "original" dark blue color.  

Now it has to be said, one of the reasons I love'd you is that I could do virtually anything while with you..... work on my car or go out for dinner and a movie. Anything. But this time you weren't "right." Your color came off in copious amounts in areas of any abrasion, like the knees, (which is usual but not like this!) and in other less appropriate areas where almost any rubbing removed color and left whitish blotches, and the vertical lines in your fabric are more apparent.  

This past week, having lost a little weight, I decided to revisit you again, so I headed off for Macys. But what a let-down! I found you but your watch pocket was on crooked! I tried another pair and your seam ran down one leg crooked! Yet another pair.... but those I couldn't even button because the button holes were too small! And you all, even your not 501 brethren, all had that ugly "vertical" weave or warp or whatever to the material. I was so bummed.... I'd reached the end of my very long love affair, Acceptance/Tolerance. Love has its limits. I was no longer in love!  

On a trip to Costco I spotted the Kirkland brand jeans. Wow! Only 13 bucks AND made of the genuine article denim I loved. Now they are cut a trifle differently and no button fly, but hey, whats my choice? I bought 2 pair, they fit great and felt good too, Today I'm gonna get two more pair before they too become a cheap date. 
So John, this is good bye. I loved you unstintingly for over 60, yes, sixty! years. But I have a new love in my life. Good bye and good luck.

Cheers, Mel

The following is Levi's response:

From: Levi-MBXLevis <levistrauss@levi.com>
To: melvinshapiro@yahoo.com
Sent: Fri, November 13, 2009 2:03:26 PM
Subject: RE: Your Comment/Question

Hi Melvin,

Celina here from Levi's(r).  Thanks for checking in with us.

We are sorry to hear about your experience.  We take great pride in our company, our products and the loyalty of our consumers.  We take your feedback very seriously and assure you that your comments will be passed along to the appropriate management.

If there's anything else we can help you with, just email us back or give us a call at 
1-800-USA-LEVI.  We're available Monday - Friday, 6:00am - 4:30pm Pacific Time.

Thanks again,

Levi Strauss & Co.
Consumer Relations