Monday, March 19, 2012

History As A Script

I've come to believe that men have simply "repeated" throughout their history. They can only do what they do.... invent new and better gadgetry which is always supposed to improve their lives, or conquer their neighbors. This men have done admirably. Beyond the gadgets however men are limited to the "map" of their DNA.... they are compelled by it and restricted by it to simply do what they do over and over again only that which they are capable of. Because their "stuff" is so marvelous... all the way back to the age of metal and beyond, even pottery at one time represented man's highest level of "technology"... they have fooled themselves into the belief that they can change, alter or at the least, control themselves and their neighbors in some new or better way. But it always results in individual and then city, state and national quest for power, which ultimately finds its own end, in a sense predestined by man's very essence: his DNA. The process then starts over. 

I think human civilization is quickly approaching that "start over" point. This time, as has happened previously, a collapse of fiat currency will help reshuffle the existing order.
Cheers, Mel 

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