Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Mexican Solution

I see that there is an outrage over the fact that the firefighters of California and Oregon are essentially non-english speaking Hispanics and that the job bosses are non-spanish speaking Americanos. Really, no American, at least not enough to fill the available job-slots, wants those jobs. No American: educated, fat and happy, and somewhat committed to home, wife, kids and that $250K mortgage, wants to handle a shovel in high temperatures with the risk of serious injury and loss of life for a double digit hourly salary without benefits. That leaves the slave population, read - Mexicans, to do the job. They are willing to leave their native digs, head-off to the fire fields of a foreign country and risk their necks for, what? 10 -12 bucks an hour? It's a shame really, but hey, it's the end result (same as obesity) of a rich society. Like the Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, Portuguese, Spanish, English (and others) of yore.

Here is the solution; it's called Manifest Destiny. We already believe in it, it has been tried successfully, we are ready to roll with it now, and the idea is protected by the Monroe Doctrine. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Manifest_Destiny . This solution, at least, kicks-the-can of a myriad number of problems a hundred years down the road. We should: invade, conquer and colonize Mexico: 1) The Mexicans all become instant American citizens; something a large number seem to want. 2) Mexican territories are rich in natural resources and fertile soil. 3) The population is mostly subservient and will not, for the most part, resist; especially when the option is better than the current government. 4) They have no great ideological differences with America: they are Catholic and hard workers and have a built-in affinity with the American population which is already 15% Hispanic.

Additional benefits?: 1) The border "problem" is resolved instantly. 2) The Mexican drug problem would be taken-in-hand and the violence largely quelled. 3) The country is beautiful, with white-sand beaches and and towering mountains, and ripe for American style development. 4) Most of the current illegal population of the States would return to the State of Mexico to work and develop the country along the lines of America to the north. 5) 105,000,000 million new Americans that all want cars, trucks, homes, businesses, tractors, farms, credit, flat-screen TVs and Direct TV, AND are willing to work hard to get them. 6) Last but not least..... 105,000,000 new members to sign-up for the Ponzi scheme called Social Security; kicking that can down the road at least another 75 years! We have the men, women, and machines, the territory is very close-by and the current long list of problems beg for a solution.


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  1. Sounds rather like you are advocating the controversial Roosevelt Corollary to the Monroe Doctrine....Latin America is still angry about that and there are many that feel this led to long term instability in the area........Sometimes the BIG STICK approach just has the other guy reaching for a gun.........